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We deliver unique coaching services to organisations that recognise the value of their employees’ wellbeing and development as a key factor of their business success.

How we can help you

We offer a selection of coaching services that bring about lasting change and support personal growth. We help you to establish a culture that enables your employees to thrive.

ROI 6:1

 A study* into the return on investment in employee mental health and wellbeing was overwhelmingly positive. Research found that the ROI for proactive programmes, such as ours, which involve targeted screening, increase the ROI range up to 6:1. Findings suggest that the earlier programmes are introduced the higher the ROI.

* “Mental Health and Employers: The case for investment” (Deloitte October 2017)

The Power of the PAUSE

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to simply PAUSE.

The PAUSE creates a space, allowing new insights and perspectives to emerge that are deeper, broader and more creative … bringing about lasting change.

Why choose PAUSE to deliver your coaching programmes?

PAUSE Coaching Programmes are led by Báirbre Meehan, who has worked in senior management roles for multinational organisations across financial services, banking and manufacturing sectors.

In her position as CEO, Báirbre recognised that implementing development programmes that supported positive employee mental wellbeing and helping employees to understand ‘how they are’ in the workplace, was fundamentally linked to sustained business results.

As an accredited business coach she undertook a three-year research project on Mental Wellbeing that resulted in a unique series of coaching programmes that have achieved proven success.

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