Participant Testimonials

‘The coaching sessions with Bairbre have made an invaluable impact on both my work and personal life. Initially the focus was on enhancing my performance at work and developing my personal leadership skills during a very busy period of transition and growth. Bairbre helped improve personal understanding of strengths and areas for improvement as well as actions to help personal development. While Bairbre has significant leadership experience, she was able to empathise with challenges and was also well equipped professionally to deal with some personal issues which emerged from the coaching process. With a broad range of skillsets and experience, coupled with a wonderful way with people, I highly recommend Bairbre as someone who can help facilitate effective personal development and fulfilment in all aspects of life.’

‘I was delighted to have the opportunity to join Bairbre’s on her Focusing-Oriented Coaching program to deepen my work. Bairbre’s eight step coaching model and comprehensive framework has given me the tools that I was hoping for. The course structure and design supported my progressive learning very well. I’ve now incorporated Focusing-Oriented Coaching into my practice as either as a part of a session or centering a full session around it, and my experience is that the impact can be significant. It fosters an increased bodily awareness and evokes a self-compassion which I believe can be a catalyst for change. I highly recommend this program. Bairbre’s wealth of experience and expertise are woven into every aspect, which I enjoyed immensely.’

“Extremely adept at coaching at a deeper level, Bairbre went the extra mile to raise my awareness about my behaviour and choices. Our supervision sessions have contributed invaluably to my personal growth as an executive coach. I cannot recommend Báirbre enough.”